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Radio Related Schematics

12V Inverter 1          12V Fluorescent Tube Inverter 1.

12V Inverter 2          12V Fluorescent Tube Inverter 2

4CX250B PA Control      4CX250B PA Timing & Control Unit

Battery Zapper          Make this plan to safely recover old battery cells

Bleeper                 Towing and Reversing Beeper

Crystal Set             A Simple Crystal Set Circuit

CTCSS                   CTCSS add on project for Duplex FM Transceivers to gain access to repeaters.

DC/RF Sensing           DC/RF Sensing for PA Switching

Drill Speed Controller  SCR Drill Speed Controller

Dummy Load              Dummy Load project inc circuits.
M1BYT Wifi Antenna      M1BYT Wifi Beam Antenna.

Mast Head Pre-Amp       12v Mast Head pre-amplifier.

NiCad                   NiCad battery discharger.

Power Devil             Power Devil Drill Charger.

RF Switching            RF Switch for QRO Linear Amplifier.

SMPSU                   How to modify a cheap SMPSU.

Versatile PSU           Verable Voltage/Amperage PSU.
TS520/820               TS-520/820 Series PA Modifications.

VOX Switching           A Simple V.O.X. Circuit