Special Event Dates 2012

Details published here are kindly provided by Ofcom.

These callsigns are valid for use from the date given, but the period of operation may vary from
1 - 28 days before or after the event date.

Operating details are provided in an abbreviated form as follows:

T = 160m; L = 80 or 40m; H = HF bands (30 - 10m); V = 6 and/or 4m; 2 = 2m; 7 = 70cm;
S = satellite and P = packet.

Please note that the QSL Bureau sub-manager for all special event station call signs
(GBxAAA-GBXZZZ) has recently changed and is now :-

Mrs Davina Williams, MOLXT, 20 Neale Close, Wollaston, Northamptonshire, NN29 7UT. e-mail QSLTREK@hotmail.co.uk, Web: www.gb-special-event-qsl-status.webs.com

Will organisers of special event stations please ensure that they lodge plenty of envelopes with MOXLT?.

      Date     Callsign     Phonetics                   Location          Bands     Keeper
08/12/2012 GB4RN Royal Navy Waterlooville TLH2 G3LIK 11/12/2012 GB1WH Wakefield House Wakefield TLHV27 M0IAA